Basant Kumar Mohota - Chairman

Basant Kumar Mohota – Chairman

The Chairman of the group with an educational background of Bachelor of Commerce. Having been trained under his maternal grandfather Mr. Bangur of Pali Mills, he has rich experience of managing textile companies and understanding market dynamics. He is Ex-MD of “The Raisaheb Rekhchand Mohota Spg. & Wvg Mills” and today he governs the overall policy making of the group especially in Sales & Marketing.

Prashant Kumar Mohota – MD

The MD of the group with a degree of Industrial Engineering and MBA. Having a technical background, he is involved in Operational System related functions of the group.

Vineet Kumar Mohota - Director (Finance)

Vineet Kumar Mohota – Director (Finance)

The Director-Finance of the group with an educational background of Commerce & MBA. He is directly involved with the weaving department and frames the important financial policies of the company.

Anurag Kumar Mohota - Director (Works)

Anurag Kumar Mohota – Director (Works)

The Director – Works of the company and is involved with Processing unit at Dholka. Having graduated from India’s Premier Management Institution India Institute of Management(IIM), Indore, he has sharp analytics and managerial skills. Also he is an international Bridge player having represented India at China Mindgame Olympics event.