Today it is completely modernized and contamination controlled as per the current needs and is also 5 star rated TMC approved. (Technical Mission on Cotton, Approved by Textile ministry of India- Govt. of. India).

  • Fully automatic plant with minimum human intervention. Separate team for contamination separation.
  • Our in-depth knowledge of quality requirements downstream gives us an edge in having appropriate classification / Grading for cotton bales.
  • Cotton Varieties– Bunny (Suitable for count 40s, 50s), MCU 5 (Suitable for count 60s &above), MECH (Suitable for count below 30s count).
  • Every Bale has a printed quality Label, thus making Bale Management easier.
  • Capacity 1,00,000 Bales per year.
  • Quality conscious buyers both in domestic & export (Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Korea etc.).
  • Packaging Cotton Bale with Polyester Straps weighing 170 Kgs each.

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