Gimatex has primarily a large spinning capacity catering to the variety of needs of the customers. Starting from 25000 spindles in the year 1996, today the company has more than 125000 spindles with utmost modern production and testing facilities, which deliver superior total value to the customer. The state-of-the-art machineries have been imported from Switzerland, Germany, Japan, etc. and are managed by top technocrats in the country.

Machinery Profile

Blowroom – LMW & Trutzchler with Automatic Bale Plucker, Unimix, CVT
Contamination Detector – Uster Securomat SP-S
Carding – LMW LC 300 A, LC 333 & Trutzschler DK 800
Drawing – LMW RSB 851 & Reiter RSB D-35
Combing – LMW LK 250, LK 54  & Reiter E65
Speed Frame – LMW LF 1400, LF 1465, LF 4200 A & Zinser 68i
Ring Frame – LMW LR6/S, Reiter COM4 & KTTM RX 240e with Auto doffing Slub Attachment – SKAAT
Autoconers – Schlafhorst 338 (with Conerpilot) & Muratec 21- C with Visual Manager
Air Jet Vortex Spinning – Muratec 881 HR
Autocoro – Schlafhorst SE 12
Assembly winding – PEASS Precision Winder PPWA
Doubling / Twisting – Vijaylakshmi TFO
Humidification – Luwa
Testing – UT-4, Uster Classimat Quantum, Premier HVI, Premier AQURA & Statex computerized CSP system.
Packing – Pallete packing , Carton packing