Shri. Rekhchandji MohotaShri. Rekhchandji Mohota
(1st Generation)

Shri.Bulakidasji MohotaShri.Bulakidasji Mohota
(2nd Generation)

Shri. Mathuradasji MohotaShri. Mathuradasji Mohota
(3rd Generation)

Shri.Girdhardasji MohotaShri.Girdhardasji Mohota
(4th Generation)

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Late Shri Raisaheb Rekhchandji Mohota migrated from Rajasthan to Hinganghat way back in 1868 in search of opportunities. This was the time when the wave of industrial revolution was sweeping across the country. Hinganghat then was one of the richest cotton belts in the country. This decision to migrate & set up a textile unit in Vidarbha resulted as a stepping stone towards the company’s success.

The Victory Saga of this battleground is a contribution of 6 generation warriors of the Mohota Family who continue to put in their tireless diligence in the successful functioning of the company.

The man who started this triumphant journey – Late Shri Raisaheb Rekhchandji Mohota, established the textile unit of Raisaheb Rekhchand Mohota Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd. known as RSR Mohota Mills way back in the year 1898.

Continuing on the company growth in 1994, Vibha Synthetics Ltd. was established as one of the sister concerns of the RSR Mohota mills. Later in 2005 after the family restructuring, Vibha Synthetics Ltd acquired Wani unit of RSR Mohota Mills and rechristened itself as Gimatex Industries Pvt Ltd. Today it is managed by the 6th generation of the founder member Late Shri Raisaheb Rekhchandji Mohota .

Gimatex was set up with a vision to provide premium quality textile products to its customers using the latest in textile technology. To achieve this, the company continuously invests in upgraded technology, people and infrastructure.

Run by a highly dynamic and experienced management and supported by a strong skilled workforce of more than 2500 people the group has become a strong player in the market and a name to reckon with.

Today Gimatex is a completely integrated textile composite company with its Ginning, Spinning, Weaving & Processing units under its fold.